Rentals & Shuttles


Are you interested in renting one of our full-suspension mountain bikes? We offer full-day rentals for $80/day, which includes a bike, helmet, and gloves. We even deliver and pick up your rental gear so you can enjoy more time riding.

Cost & How To Reserve

  • Full-day rental: $80 /day
  • To rent mountain bikes, please call us at                       (435) 334 – 3734

Specialized Stumpjumper

Full Suspension Trail Bike 

Travel: 140 Front / 130 Rear

29-inch wheels

Dropper posts

Commencal Meta TR

Full Suspension trail bike

Travel: 150 Front / 140 Rear

29-inch wheels

Dropper posts


Full suspension mountain bike

Commencal, Specialized

Full day rental

Enjoy your rental for 8 hours


Not travelling with a vehicle that has a bike rack? No problem. We will bring the gear to you at your desired trailhead, and pick it up when you are done riding.

Protective Gear

Helmet, gloves


Please CALL us at (435) 334 – 3734 to book a shuttle 

  • $25/person per lap
  • Single riders pay minimum of $50 for first lap 
  • Feel free to call about trail conditions
  • Click here to learn more about our favorite trails for shuttle trips

Other Mountian Biking Trips

Half Day Ride

Find your flow along a beautiful dirt singletrack or adventurous slickrock trail. 

Sunset Tour

There is nothing like a desert sunset mountain bike ride! Ride down a gently flowing trail into the vibrant colors of sunset.

Women's Only

Women only, no dudes allowed. Join one of our awesome female guides for flowy fun and skill building!

Transportation and Rentals

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